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Build a List of Your Best Customers and Market Directly to them Using Affordable and Easy to Use SMS Text Messaging

Why You Should Consider Our SMS Service

  • No Complicated Software
    Messages are sent directly from your manager's business phone to your entire customer list
  • We Set Up Everything and Help You Launch Your First Campaign
    Our goal is to help you get your customer list built up fast and get you an roi as quickly as possible. That's why we go the extra mile by helping you with campaign ideas and print materials for your first campaign for no extra charge.
  • No Contracts and Very Affordable
    Month to month simplified billing 

This may be the solution you've been seeking to help you through the slowdown caused by the current health situation...

SMS marketing is extremely powerful way to reach your best customers... even better then emailing them. Here's some reasons why it works so well for restaurants. 

  1. The average person checks their phone once every 12 minutes
  2. Text messages have open rates of about 90%-95%
  3. People love food and they hate missing out on a deal
  4. 70% of Americans say they would like to receive mobile offers from their favorite businesses
  5. It's affordable!

What's Holding YOU BACK?

Reclaim control of your revenue and give your customers what they want. Sign up for a free consultation and let me by you lunch! It takes just 15 minutes and may be the best decision you make during these unsure times.

292 million people in North America use text messages — that’s 80% of the total population! Let us show you how to correctly utilize this revenue generation tool by signing up for a free consultation clicking the button below. 

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