Let's Get Started! Qualifications and Discovery Form - No Long Term Contracts!

We ask that all contractors and home service companies please meet these basic requirements:

  • Posses High Answer Rates - We can only work with contractors that pick up the phone when we send calls their way. Unanswered calls leads to a poor customer experience and diminishes our value to you.
  • Have a Good / Fair Reputation - Because of how we structure our strategic partnerships, our online reputation is directly tied to you, the contractor. For that reason, we prefer to work with companies' that have an average or good online reputation and represents us as well as we aim to represent them.
  • Have a 24-48 Hour Turn Around Time for Installation Bids and Service Calls - We know from experience that the faster an inquiry is acted on, the higher the probability of getting the job. If you are several weeks out on bidding jobs, first, congratulations! Second, we probably would not be a good fit for you.
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  • If you do not have a website, please tell us your most important social media account or business profile URL.